Thursday, November 20, 2008

Buffalo Friends of Folk

Here's an excerpt from a press release I received.

Buffalo Friends of Folk are a wonderful group of people, and their concerts are welcoming, personal, talk-with-the-artist events – and they book great performers for their concerts. Their home page is

This week, the performer is Joe Crookston. He is "one of ours," grew up in northeast Ohio. He has traveled all over the states, growing and sharing his music. Last year he traveled across New York State, collecting stories and writing the "Songs of the Finger Lakes." His latest CD, "Able Baker Charlie and Dog" shot to #1 on the acoustic folk radio charts. I have been listening to his music (over and over) and reading his bio online. His music is deep, insightful, real - and not without humor! Listen and find out more at

His concert is this Saturday, November 22nd, 8 P.M., at the Village Meeting House (formerly a small church), 5658 Main Street, Williamsville. Doug Yeomans, local bluegrass artist, is opening.

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