Friday, September 19, 2008

Lewiston Ghost Walks

For Immediate Release: August 30, 2008
From: Eva Nicklas, Lewiston Council on the Arts 716-754-0166

Re: Lewiston Ghost Walks Beginning Soon!
"Where did all those departed souls go? No where.... They're right here!
Oh yes.... Lewiston is haunted alright!"

Mason Winfield's Haunted History Ghost Walks begin on Friday,
September 19th and continue through October 31st.

Marble Orchard Ghost Walks begin on Saturday, September 6th
and continue every Saturday night through October 25th.

(Lewiston, NY) Whether you're out to have some fun, or to learn something
of the paranormal, Lewiston's two completely different styles of Ghost Walks
show off the unique personality of Lewiston's rough and tumble frontier past
as well as its gloriously haunted present.

Marble Orchard Ghost Walks are a great way to introduce visitors, school
children and even long time residents to Lewiston's rich and exciting history.
During the 1 1/2 hour walk, you'll learn of the grim and ghastly deeds of
Lewiston's best...and worst. You'll hear classic ghost stories, myths and tales of tragedy, crime, mayhem and murder. Secret and sinister, many of these events happened a long time ago... yet ghosts still haunt Lewiston. Along the way, you’ll meet some of the spirits in person and hear tales of the macabre, the grisly and the ghostly. Step back in time with this historical and educational tour as our offbeat, theatrical guides take you through the Historic District and in to the Village Cemetery. They’ll provide you with an eerie, yet fun filled adventure as you learn about curses, graveyard etiquette and tombstone symbols.

"We Lewistonians are are not just a bunch of superstitious fools. We’ve seen
evil with our own eyes... We’ve experienced the horror of plagues. We’ve met
the ghosts of escaped slaves that never made it to freedom in Canada. Why,
there are ghosts of children right in the Village cemetery who cry........
Lewiston had a very bloody history. The entire Village was leveled by fire when it was a battleground during the War of 1812. A young boy was scalped right on Center St. Where did all those departed souls go? No where. They’re still right here. Oh yes... Lewiston is haunted alright".

And, back by popular demand... Mason Winfield’s Haunted History Ghost Walks of Lewiston! Mason Winfield is the author of Shadows of the Western Door and five other acclaimed books on the supernatural-paranormal, including "Haunted Rochester," 2008. Both a researcher and a 'supernatural historian,' Mason Winfield has extensive files on supernatural sites, reports and traditions in Lewiston and all of Western New York. His tours of Lewiston are informative, walking storytelling sessions whose focus is the village's famous haunted sites.

Winfield's ghostly walks include discussions of Lewiston's unique folklore, architecture, and heritage. He's got an eye for detail and a perspective on the paranormal that makes this tour a lively journey into Lewiston's mysteries, past and present. All Lewiston tours are led by the author himself!

"Plan to take both tours", said Eva Nicklas, artistic director of Lewiston Council on the Arts. "The Marble Orchard Ghost Walks will entertain people of all ages and Mason Winfield's Haunted History Ghost Walks bring Lewiston's unseen history into focus."

All tours begin promptly at 7:00PM at the Little Yellow Chocolate House,
476 Center Street. Rain or shine.

Marble Orchard Ghost Walks: $10.00/adults $5.00/ children under 12.
Reservations necessary! Call 716-754-0166

Mason Winfield's Haunted History Ghost Walks: $10.00/adults, Children under 7 years old/FREE No reservations are required.

Contact: Eva Nicklas, Lewiston Council on the Arts 716-754-0166
Mason Winfield, Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc. 716-655-6663

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