Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sledding at Chestnut Ridge Park

This past Saturday we headed to Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park to go sledding with my youngest son's Cub Scout Pack. Even though only a few families showed up, we had a great time. It wasn't too crowded so the kids could go down the hill multiple times. My daughter even convinced me to go down the hill a couple times...going down was fine, it was walking back up that was a pain!
One of the other families brought a wooden toboggan, since the newly refurbished toboggan chutes were open. The kids and my husband tried it out. I would have tried it out, but alas, they closed the chutes at 4:00 and we ran out of time. Maybe next time. We brought hot cocoa and snacks, but they also have a concession stand in the large casino building on the top of the hill.

Chestnut Ridge Park, 6121 Chestnut Ridge, Orchard Park 716-662-3290

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